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Press Release Vaccine Injuries Reporting System Launch FINAL-CVIRS banne…
FACT SHEET-Hemorrhagic Fever Symptoms
How to Plead Civil Rights 1983 Claims – Search for COVID-19 vaccine locations
Signed NDAA Language
Service Member’s Guide To Understand COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
Service Member Nuremberg Legal Notice
Sample stmt in response to 4856 counseling or page 13
Sample Religious Accommodation Denial Appeal
Sample GOMOR Response
Sample Article 138 Navy
Sample 138 Inquiry – Army
Sample 138 Informal Complaint – AF
Possible Religious denial appeal language
Navy Cdr Admits No FDA Approved Vaccine Available – Copy
MFR-Request For Extension Template
Memo To CDR Unlawul Order – Vaccine
Memo To CDR Unlawul Order – COVID Tests
Memo – Know your rights
Immunity Vax Exemption Draft Memo
FDA Purple Book no bioequivalent Comirnaty
FDA Does a Bait and Switch with COVID Shots – Liberty Counsel
Draft Letter for Plaintiff Class Service Members
Congressman Perry Notice of Sec. 1001 False Offical Stmt to Attny Gen Garland
Chaplain_Religious_Accommodation_Questions – Copy
CDC Admits No Records of Prior COVID Recovered Unvaxed Spreading Virus
Art 107 – False Official Statement Memo
Allergic Reaction to Vaccines
27 USAFA Pilots Resign Commissions over Illegal Austin Order
2021.08.17 DKT 1 – Complaint
COVID Objections Memo-Updated re Variants
Generic 138 Inquiry
Generic Art 138 Informal Complaint
Health.Mil vaccine exemptions ASDOD
Memo – Know your rights
Motion to Stay FDA (eFiled 09.09.2021) (002)
No discharge penalities for Informed Consent military
Nuremberg Notice Form
Service Member’s Guide To Understand COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

The Genocide Enterprise Flier

Planned, invented and created a bio-warfare weapon in joint collaboration with the Chinese government in Wuhan China called SARS-COV-2 (hereafter the “Covid Weapon”) Link #   1    1 Link #2

released the Covid Weapon, to: Link

Panic, terror, economic hardship, depression, false imprisonment, injury and death to global populations via this psychological warfare mechanism, hereafter called the “Plandemic” Link #1  Link #2

used their media apparatus, reports, public policy, coercion, travel restrictions, employment restrictions and liberty restrictions in furtherance of this criminal enterprise Link #1 Link #2

Trick, coerce, intimidate, compel and mandate the global population into receiving one or more pre-planned experimental gene therapy injections colloquially called “Covid 19 Vaccines” Link #1 Link #2

Mass casualties, sickness, misery, death, loss of spirituality, privacy and liberty; through: Link #1  Link #2

Nanoparticles that genetically modify, track, record, provide signals intelligence, programming and complete control over the survivors of this mass genocide in: Link #1  Link #2

Of the Conspirators’ criminal enterprise to tag, track, code, rate, measure, restrict, manipulate, dominate and control every human function and purpose for the Conspirators’ own personal, religious, economic, academic and political benefit. Link #1  Link #2

Historic Updates

Historic Updates