The three-block global agenda today and the role of finance

It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty. ~ Dalai Lama  
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As the world begins to see the very real plan that is in store for humanity, we realize that the pandemic; covid, and the rollout of the vaccines are certainly not the only weapons that have been used to control and dominate us. 
The plan also includes the total control of the world’s financial (banking) institutions, currencies, and markets. 
 For today’s update, we would like to share, and present a topic about these events taking place in real time. We are here to support and provide information and resources… we need to fully grasp, and understand the massiveness of this global plan… and stand united and fight!!! Together we will win  
We would like to devote today’s update with an article written by Alex Krainer. Mr. Krainer provides a glimpse in the plans of the Global Systemically Important Banks (GSIBS).  
“The three-block global agenda today and the role of finance“:
 Here is a brief excerpt and summary: 
“I’ve put together a few concrete examples of the way high finance controls the political process in many nations. There are many examples, but most can only be discerned on a case-by-case basis when and where relevant facts leak out into the public domain. But they all point to the conclusion that the ultimate culprits is the international banking cartel who hold the controlling interest in BIS’s Global Systemically Important Banks (GSIBs) and nearly all the central banks around the world, including the Fed, BOE, ECB, BOJ…”
 “One of the Trojan Horses of this process are the central banks that wield predominant control over each nation’s economy but are in most countries almost entirely independent of legitimate democratic institutions. Any nation intent on defending its sovereignty should be extremely vigilant about Trojan Horses within its own financial, academic, political and military institutions. If the officialdom, already staffed with obedient technocrats, will ignore the signs of danger and even collaborate with the slow evisceration of their nation’s sovereignty, then the people of such nations should be doubly vigilant so they can recognize the signs of betrayal in time to take corrective action. This is all the more important today as the empire builders are once more escalating political and military tensions and taking reckless risks that could ultimately lead to another world war.”
 We have provided additional and valuable information on the financial plan to control the masses. 
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