The winds of change come as an unexpected ring.. and momentum truly realigns our hearts to sing… 
Let us think about all that we have been through. We have been holding onto hope for so many years now. We have been held hostage in fear.. What the captors fear the most is our individual strengths, what they are terrified of, is our united strengths. The enemy has no real power. They make a lot of noise…But it is fading in the wind compared to the sound of healing of many waters. We, all of us as humanity are the streams of change. Faith is our vessel that protects and guides us in these waters… Staying united, supportive, healthy and strong… and sharing our faiths will guide our waters to winning this battle with the enemy… Our united and faithful waters will wash the enemy away…
Your Vaxxchoice community is here to support and stand united with all!! We are creating a strong current in our waters, and every day that becomes stronger… guided by faith, unity, and courage
God Bless ~
PLANDEMIC News – Covid
How to remove graphene oxide from the body after taking the jab – its in food too
Vaccine mandate will force over 700 Pilots and 40,000 National Guard troops to be discharged
Pfizer investor call reveals company plan to capitalize failed Covid drugs
Study based on data from emergency services. COVID infection itself not linked to significant increase in cardiovascular complications. 
Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit Fraud
Glutathione – The Mother of Antioxidants
Fascinating Look Into Traditional Diets – Eating Better
How to Protect Yourself From The Effects of 5G: Ideas and Real Solutions
Current Events
Dutch Farmers Aggressively Protest Plans to Dramatically Reduce Livestock Numbers
Medical Licensing Boards Face Pushback Enforcing CDC Vaccine Recommendations
Exactly How Much Farmland Bill Gates Owns in America
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