The quality of being thankful: readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness 

Vaxxchoice Family & Friends, 
Gratitude ~ 
The quality of being thankful: readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness 
During difficult and unsettling may we not forget to be grateful. We may feel as if there is nothing to be grateful for. It is in these moments of thought that we look around; at our loved ones, at the beautiful gifts of nature, and feel gratitude. Gratitude will lift your spirits… and its presence lifts the spirits of others
Take some time today to quiet your thoughts, take a break from all the outside noise… ground yourself outdoors, feel the grass, or sand, or dirt between your toes… and surround yourself in gratitude… we all have so much to be grateful for… and when we share gratitude with grace… we begin to heal
We here at Vaxxchoice are so grateful for all of you… we are here to support, to encourage, and to stand with!!
God Bless ~
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